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We don't do it for less...
Lukassen & Boer has quite a lot of collaborations with parties who are at the top in the Netherlands.

Stronger still, Lukassen & Boer is the initiator of the so-called Noordeloosgroep. This is a joint venture of insurance companies that operate in the private market segment, but that are mainly active on the business market. We collaborate in order to provide you with an even better service and do so by sharing knowledge, developing efficient work processes and products and by negotiating favourable prices with insurers and service providers (

In the field of pension advice, we have been collaborating with Akkermans & Partners, the pension stronghold in the Netherlands, for many years now.

Other prominent partners include:

  • Various accounting organisations
  • Personal injury experts
  • Civil-law notaries

Authorisation: free and authorised
We form part of a group of free agents. That means we are free to recommend products from all insurers.

We have been authorised by a number of insurance companies, giving us the power to act on their behalf in many cases. Among other things, we are authorised to independently accept new insurance policies and settle claims. This leads to a lot of benefits for you, such as the settling of claims. As you deal directly with Lukassen & Boer, the lines are short, matters are dealt with fast and claims are paid out quickly. Insurance is another example. You can insure any risk imaginable. You can also ask for a customised policy, so you do not pay for cover you do not want. We are able to negotiate very favourable premiums.
In addition, we have been authorised for employee insurance schemes (WGA insurance, own-risk bearer status, absenteeism, for instance). For businesses that deal with Lukassen & Boer, it means that matters are dealt with fast and accurately and that claims are paid much quicker.

It concerns insurance from:

  • Aegon
  • AIG
  • De Amersfoortse
  • ARAG Rechtsbijstand
  • ASR Verzekeringen en Hypotheken
  • Avéro Achmea Verzekeringen
  • DAS Rechtsbijstand
  • Elips
  • De Europeesche Verzekeringen
  • Nationale Nederlanden