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Drechtsteden Zekerheid

As an authorised underwriter, Drechtsteden Zekerheid, part of Lukassen & Boer Volmacht B.V., we are a fast link between Lukassen & Boer in its capacity of mediator, and the insurance companies.

With regard to non-life insurance and employee insurance schemes, our office forms part of the group of free selective mediators, which means that we are free (i.e. without contractual obligations) to recommend the products of a large number of insurers, but that we prefer to place these products under the authorisation of a number of insurers via our authorised underwriter, Drechtsteden Zekerheid.

Being authorised by insurers means that Drechtsteden Zekerheid has been authorised by these insurance companies to act on their behalf in many cases. Among other things, we are authorised to independently accept new insurance policies and settle claims.

For more information about the products and services, please visit the website of our authorised underwriter.