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Bunkerstation Papendrecht


The company was set up by J. Bruyninckx and L.P. Gommers in October 1964. 
BP was busy building up a network of bunkering stations in the Netherlands and the site in Papendrecht was perfect for network expansion.

Later, BP did not want to invest in a store ship, which is why Mario Bruyninckx had no choice other than to stop altogether or build his own store ship.
He opted for the latter. This new store ship, with 600 m3 of storage volume was officially taken into use on 6 July 1978. The mooring length was increased from 32 to 60 metres and the berth was relocated 200 metres east, giving ships more room to moor and depart. In 1989, a second bunkering ship of 114 m3 was purchased.
To date, the store ship has been in the same location, while a second floor was built in 1992, which serves as office space.

What can they do for their clients?

Bunkerstation Papendrecht is a mobile fuel station for inland shipping vessels. A bunkering station often has a freely sailing ship that stocks all sailing ships, so that no time is lost due to bunkering. This is referred to as a bunkering ship.

The bunkering station is situated on a busy fairway, and large amounts of gasoil are bunkered at high speeds.
During the bunkering process, drinking water is also often loaded, and ship requirements can be purchased. They include lubricants, propeller shaft grease, paint, rope, buckets, tools, fenders, transfer letter, lifejackets, work clothing and light bulbs for the navigation lights. In addition to these products, Bunkerstation Papendrecht also offers a number of special products and services.