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Stichting Energiehuis Dordrecht

Dordrecht has a beautiful, historic city centre and all cultural facilities are within walking distance of each other. In addition, Dordrecht is proud of its cultural heritage. Apart from the many monuments in the city, a lot of buildings with a rich history are given a new purpose thanks to creative entrepreneurs, enthusiastic residents and inspired private individuals. But also thanks to a city council that is willing to stick out its neck to preserve the city's cultural heritage, such as the early 19th-century Energiehuis at Noordendijk, on the edge of the new Stadswerven district.

In 1905, the first section of Energiehuis was taken into use as municipal power plant. In those days, the building was flanked by a considerable chimney and later, a porter's lodge was added on the corner with Noordendijk. The lodge has been taken down, exposing the original facade again, albeit without chimney.

Since 2013, Energiehuis has been the ultimate cultural hotspot in Dordrecht and the region. Various inspiring activities bring the former power plant to life again. This impressive industrial heritage has been transformed into the ’Huis van de Podiumkunsten’ and is home to concert, theatre and music halls, classrooms, studios, workshops, conference rooms and lounges and a grand cafe.

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This magnificent industrial building is now bursting with energy again in the form of music, theatre, dance, art & design, food and drink, festivals, concerts, debates, training courses and children's activities. Energiehuis is a meeting place for everyone, from early in the morning to late at night. An energetic place with its own history, where creativity and imagination are stimulated. 

Energiehuis collaborates with the following partners: Kunstmin, Bibelot, ToBe cultural centre including dePopcentrale, Muziektheater Hollands Diep and Muziekstroom (formerly known as Kunstkerk).

Grand café | Bistro | Bar Khotinsky is also housed in Energiehuis and is open to the general public for lunch, dinner or drinks in a very special setting.