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Wemmers Installatiebedrijf B.V.


Wemmers Installatiebedrijf B.V. was set up by three Wemmers brothers in 1972. Over time, the company developed into a company of overall installation contractors, providing services in the fields of designing, supplying and installing:

  • Sanitary facilities
  • Central heating systems
  • Electrics
  • Plumbing
  • Roof, lead and zinc
  • Gas appliances and their maintenance
  • Cooling / ventilation systems

Wemmers Installatiebedrijf B.V. is managed by the sons of the original incorporators, together with 25 motivated employees realising the age-old objectives of a family-run business: commitment, customer focus, quality and no-nonsense.

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What can they do for their clients?

It seems so obvious that when you turn on a tap, out comes water, hot or cold. When you flick the light switch, you've got atmospheric lighting. Or when you want to change the room temperature, you can, hotter or colder. But it takes quite a bit to achieve that. The technical possibilities are endless and can be geared to your working or living environment.

How? And what options you have? Wemmers Installatiebedrijf can tell you all about it. Whether it concerns sanitary facilities, central heating, gas, air-conditioning, electrics, roof/lead/zinc or water, Wemmers will install it.