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Our services

At Lukassen & Boer you are confronted with well thought-out teamwork of specialists in various disciplines. People who know and explore the market. We want to respond to your demand as fast and professionally as possible. 

Our commercial office department forms the spider in our web. They are the people you will have contact with first. The complete a risk analysis with you, provide you with competitive quotes but also the will prepare the visits of our field staff and process the arrangements ensuing from that.

Our field staff are very versatile: they have a broad focus and are highly skilled This teamwork creates the best advice or product available to you. Furthermore, our administrative department makes sure everything is dealt with smoothly, quietly and faultlessly.

The services we can offer you are listed below.


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Non-life insurance

Non-life insurance for the business market, that is what made Lukassen & Boer big and it still is one of the most important pillars at our company.


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Absenteeism management

In other words: personnel management new-style.
Not having to deal with all sorts of administrative matters yourself.


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Pension advice

In the forest that is legislation, Lukassen & Boer can act as your guide. After all, we do know everything about every aspect of this valuable but tricky subject.


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Financial planning

A director and major shareholder will one day retire too... or he falls ill. Or he leaves his laptop in a Texan taxi.
From an economic point of view, a director and major shareholder is in a similar position as an independent person.