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Financial Planning

Financially aware, that gives peace!

Lukassen & Boer has developed her own advice model especially for entrepreneurs who also want to have their private life well organised. Working from full financial insight we will come to well-thought-out advice.

The starting point is always financial planning
At Lukassen & Boer we are convinced of the need for detailed financial planning as the base for all your financial decisions. The conviction goes so far that we do not leave this choice to our customers, but we have already made it for our costumers from a policy point of view.

This has his consequences. It requires effort and an investment from our customers. The effort consists of supplying all relevant information and thinking about how your financial objectives actually look like. 

An investment, because we do not make your financial planning for free. A well-developed financial plan requires a time investment of about 8 to 12 hours.

We realise that this method will not appeal to everyone. People who go for the cheapest deal and scour the city will not be tempted to commit to our office at the beginning, and that is what we ask.

Commitment at the start
We require that from our customers. We will explain to you at the first meeting how we work and what our remuneration- and mediation policy is. In this phase you will get to know our company and our way of working. After this acquaintance, an assignment agreement is drawn up for you and presented for signature.

Our team

Annemieke Brouwer 
Financial Planner

Ed Lukassen
Financial Planner

Bertjan Scheepbouwer 
Financial Planner

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Niels van Leussen
Financial Planner