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Pension advice

Pension which makes your employees happy!

Lukassen & Boer is a pension consultancy where we work with passion and pleasure. Furthermore we are, as a cooperation partner of many accounting firms in our region, an established name. Knowledgeable and creative.

The pension consultant of Lukassen & Boer combined their forces within the partnership of the Noordeloos Groep: NLG Pensioen (Pension). With NLG Pensioen we belong to the top of pension consultancy within the Netherlands.

We work with balanced, well thought-out concepts, that are focused seamlessly matching the wishes of our client. Our pension solutions are focused on convenience, efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and continuity.

in addition to pension advice, the administration of the pension is an important part of our service. We will take all of our clients administration off their hands and achieve that their pension administration will run flawlessly.

Our services consists of:

  • setting up, supervising, controlling and administering pension schemes;
  • editing pension letters and regulations;
  • making all pension calculations, individually and collectively;
  • solving and preventing issues around annuities and early retirement;
  • advising on pension equalisation;
  • calculating pension damage at resignation;
  • supervising mergers and acquisitions, focused on pension matters (due diligence investigations)

Our team


Margriet den Houter 
Pension counsellor


Rebecca Kamminga 
Pension counsellor


Ed Lukassen 
Pension consultant

Marjan Rijn

Marjan Rijneveld 
Pension counsellor


Bertjan Scheepbouwer 
Pension counsellor