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Sports and culture

Lukassen & Boer is not only involved with its clients, but also takes an active interest in sports and culture. Sometimes, we do this by contributing a bit and sometimes by combining sport and relaxation with our business relationships. Lukassen & Boer can be found in golf, basketball, but we also make a contribution towards the patrician house in Dordrecht. We also support various church and cultural projects. We are wholehearted committed to our work, but are also wholehearted involved in sports and culture.

Some examples can be found below:

Huldiging landskampioen PKC SWKgroep1 11-4-2015 LvAndel kopie



Crayestein Golf

The Dutch

The Dutch


Het Dordts Patriciƫrshuis


Lukassen & Boer Verenigingsrun


Roy Hoornweg


Oxfam Novib